Madeline Novak

Project Engineer

Upon graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2013, Maddie Novak entered the construction industry and has since built a solid foundation of experience in the coordination of retail, restaurant and hospitality projects.¬†Maddie joined ICI in 2017 in the multi-faceted role of Project Engineer. She works alongside ICI’s project managers and superintendents in processing submittals to ensure specifications are met, tracking project logs and reviewing costs and scheduling. She also is proficient in many initiatives managed by ICI’s project administration department, thus making her a deep resource for many within the organization. Maddie’s select client experience includes Mariano’s Fresh Market, Panera Bread Company* and seven Portillo’s Hot Dogs, LLC* locations throughout Illinois, Minnesota and Indiana.

Maddie has been hunting whitetail deer since she was 16 years old and annually visits southern Texas and Galena, Illinois during deer season.

*Client from previous employer.