»Feb 20 Posted by Bruce

ICI heads into a Milestone Year

As I reminisce on 2012, I am very grateful and honored that we reached our 30th Anniversary last November. For any firm, 30 years is an accomplishment, however, knowing that ICI survived the downturn of 2008 makes this milestone all the more special! 2013 is going to be the year we celebrate our accomplishment and propel ourselves in to the future. As we enter our 4th decade of service, we have changed our logo and developed a new website to freshen our brand. The new logo incorporates the globe element we added the last time it was revised 10 years ago, while providing a bold brand for identification.

Our research indicates that our customers are split between knowing us as “International Contractors Incorporated” and “ICI”. So with that in mind, we elected to move forward with the acronym; it is easy to articulate and creates an iconic naming opportunity. As this new logo appears on our project signage, I am confident you will identify it with the relationship-based contractor you have come to know as “International Contractors, Inc.,” now ICI.