»Nov 5 Posted by Bob

The Latest Generation of High Efficiency Big Box Retail Stores

After working with Wal-Mart to construct their first High Efficiency (HE) Store in 2006, ICI was delighted to once again be a part of Wal-Mart’s commitment to energy conservation and environmental sustainability through the construction of their latest generation of High Efficiency stores in Chicago’s Pullman Neighborhood. This newest HE store is designed to be 25% more energy efficient than the 2005 baseline Wal-Mart store.

This HE store implements the latest phase of sustainable technology, including a water-source heating, cooling and refrigeration system, a secondary refrigeration loop (that is expected to reduce the initial refrigerant charge by 90%) and an active dehumidification system.

ICI also had the opportunity to work with Robert Ebl Landscaping, Inc. to install a “Roof Meadow” Green Roof System. There are 1,160 cubic yards of growing media on the roof (or 58 full semi trainer trucks).  The roof is planted with 5,000 pounds of rooted cuttings, many of which have already started to grow.

The green roof will reduce stormwater run-off from the roof by about 60% and retain approximately 2,156,190 gallons of rainwater over one year’s time.

Reducing storm water runoff, however, is not the only benefit of a green roof; the plantings will also serve to absorb and use the heat of the sunlight, thereby reducing the “heat island” effect that a typical warehouse-type structure might bring.  By absorbing the heat into the roof, the store will require much less energy to keep cool in the summer months. The life cycle of a green roof can also be as much as two times as long as a standard roof. In fact, there are green roofs in Europe that are over 60 years old.

Other features which are standard for Wal-Mart’s Prototype Stores include LEDs in the refrigeration / freezer cases and parking lot lighting, daylight harvesting technologies, reflective white membrane roofing materials and sensor-activated low-flow bathroom faucets and high efficiency urinals / toilets. Wal-Mart’s commitment to conservation also dictates that recycled construction materials are specified wherever possible. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) are also strictly adhered to.

The ICI Team is proud to partner with Wal-Mart and we take great pride in the opportunity to build in a way that increases sustainability and preserves resources for future generations.