»May 6 Posted by terry

Long Range Planning to Meet Increased Focus on School Security

Higher levels of security and increased access control have become a major, albeit often unpleasant, cultural change within the entire school community.  That change starts with the willingness to be thoughtful in planning.  We should not rush into solutions that will not suit the long term needs of our communities or disrupt learning.  My home District took a very long range approach in planning.

We began a program some four years ago that involved the addition of security cameras and secure entry points at the main entrances.   Several of our buildings are decades old and were constructed at a time where access was loosely monitored.  However, we began a thoughtful, methodical and at times costly change for the protection of the children.  Our long range plan included unique adjustments to our various buildings on a case by case basis.  We ultimately implemented high resolution security cameras that can be accessed via the internet at any time by both administration and law enforcement.  It has taken us several years, thousands of dedicated staff hours in planning and a strong commitment by the Board for implementation.

The most important elements of security are to tactfully plan and then thoughtfully implement.