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School Construction During Summer Break: The Secret to ICI’s Success

With another successful summer of K-12 construction completed and closed out, it’s the perfect time to begin planning 2014 summer construction! That’s right … the cycle never ends.

The secret to success is planning. Construction may start when school ends, but planning starts when school starts.

This past summer, ICI completed more than $10 million in K-12 education renovation work in eight weeks. Eight Weeks.

With school closing the beginning of June and school beginning the end of August, this type of construction takes serious planning. With the tight schedule, critical milestones and safety consideration for things like summer school … K-12 construction is unique to say the least. Currently, ICI is the Construction Manager for nine K-12 education clients. We are experts and we take it seriously.

As a Project Manager on the K-12 Team, I begin by assisting School Boards in identifying the projects that offer the most benefit to their students. Then, we get to work providing budgets, value engineering alternatives and helping to prioritize projects that hold the most value for the District. The design team then proceeds with developing plans and specs.

This must all happen in a short amount of time. ICI aims to put all summer education projects out to bid early in the calendar year.  By doing so, we are able to bid and award work before trade contractors have filled their summer work calendar.  This allows school districts to avoid paying premiums for work contracted late in the season. Another obvious advantage is starting the submittal process early. Once subcontractors are under contract, the approval process can begin and materials, equipment and products can be procured.  We can then ensure that long-lead items are delivered when needed.   

At ICI, we schedule work to be substantially complete by the beginning of August. It is a common misconception that work can continue until the day school starts. This is far from the truth.  We insist that time is set aside to allow the school staff to prepare for the students. Teachers need to set up the classrooms. Before that, Administrative Staff needs to prepare for the arrival of the teachers. Before that, maintenance staff needs to prepare for the arrival of the Administrative Staff. Each of these steps requires careful planning and preparation.

For nearly 30 years, ICI has successfully completed K-12 summer life safety, facility and capital improvement projects. Our philosophy of beginning work the day school ends and starting to work again the day school begins is in large part the key to our success.