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Tenant Improvements at the Merchandise Mart Underway

Earlier this summer, the Illinois Institute of Art engaged ICI for tenant improvements to their space within the Merchandise Mart. Demolition of a 10,000 square foot classroom and office began immediately in order to prepare the space for ICI to install 3 commercial teaching kitchens, a dining area for a bistro, a new library and 4 computer labs.

As part of the project scope, ICI will also remodel the remaining 30,000 square feet of the Illinois Institute of Art’s space. The remodel consists of reconfigured layouts of classrooms, laboratory rooms, restrooms and studios.

The school occupies the first floor with a tenant-filled basement level below and 20+ stories of tenants above. Every aspect of the project is taking place while the school and these adjacent tenants remain fully operational. As a result, this has presented the project team with many complexities.

For example, directly below the new commercial kitchens is a studio where TV shows are being filmed and noise control is of utmost importance. Directly above, day trading is being conducted and the project team must exercise extreme caution to not disrupt their day-to-day business. The project is expected to be complete this coming winter.