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Terry Fielden Published in Illinois ASBO UPDATE Magazine

Terry Fielden, ICI’s Director of K-12 Education, was recently published in the Illinois ASBO Fall 2016 Update magazine:

Let’s Make a Deal: RFP Best Practices

Download a copy of his article and learn best practices in:

  • Developing an Effective RFP
  • Creating Selection Criteria
  • Selecting the Right Partner


There is no shortage of opinions as to the aspects of a good Request for Proposal (RFP). The real challenge is devoting the time necessary to develop the RFP with enough detail to yield the desired result. Sufficient planning and forethought are always valued by administration and help to achieve the board’s vision of success and achievement. The Planning and Construction Professional Development Committee (PDC) presented the final draft of a construction management RFP at the 2016 Illinois ASBO Annual Conference. Three construction management firms participated in the presentation revealing three distinct mindsets on the best solution. The biggest debate that took place was over the format of categorization: either an RFP or an RFQ. The primary difference between the two formats is the presentation of fees for the service. An RFP specifies that a fee must be submitted; an RFQ is strictly qualifications-based and no fees are included.