The planning period from a project’s inception through construction documents is vital to the success of a project. A trusted preconstruction partner is an invaluable resource throughout this phase of a project as they will provide you with accurate cost estimates and input on potential cost savings, detailed project schedules, comprehensive bid packages and will implement the proper processes to keep the project within your budget and schedule constraints.

For more than thirty years, clients have turned to ICI as their preconstruction expert. ICI employs two of only twenty-six Certified Professional Estimators (CPE) in Illinois. This extensive certification process provides our staff with knowledge and specialized expertise; and equally important, it provides our clients with an added level of assurance that they are receiving services that are second to none.

ICI works alongside the architect and engineers to provide cost estimates at the completion of the following stages of design:

  • Concept Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • 50% Construction Documents
  • 90% Construction Documents

Concept Design Cost Estimate
The first cost estimate is typically presented at the conceptual/programmatic design phase of the project. This initial cost projection is derived by building a Cost Model based on program square footage and using historical bid data.

Schematic Design through Construction Documents Cost Estimates
As the architect’s design progresses and more detailed information is made available, the cost estimate becomes more and more detailed and precise. The ICI Preconstruction Team produces line item cost estimates by tracking the material quantities. These quantities are presented by building trade and summarized into both CSI Division and Bid Package breakdowns. General conditions, insurance, bonds and fees are also calculated.

During these phases of design, ICI will also identify alternative materials, methods of installation, equipment or products specified on your project that may offer a cost savings to the project. Project cost savings can be realized in both its initial capital investment and/or it can be realized over the life of a project. ICI will investigate and present this information at the appropriate stages of design. This is just one of several ways in which ICI’s Preconstruction Team continually proves its value to clients.

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