ICI upholds a strong commitment to constructing environmentally conscious buildings and improving quality of life for the end user. This commitment to sustainability is evident in our portfolio and in the quality and training of our staff. ICI is an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council and employs a solid team of LEED AP BD+C Accredited and Certified staff.

Our portfolio includes the first Volvo Dealership in the nation to receive LEED Silver Certification. The 27,500 SF Volvo Dealership in Northfield, Illinois incorporates many unique features, including wind turbines, a rain water harvesting system, solar panels and an “eco-garden”. During construction, ICI diverted 95% of all construction debris from the waste stream. The project was awarded the ENR Midwest Construction’s Merit Award for “Best Green Building of 2011”.


ICI is well-versed in techniques for increasing the sustainability of a project. For example, selecting and creating a site that allows for minimal disturbance to the environment is the first goal of any project. When involved with site selection, ICI researches environmentally friendly locations which lend themselves toward easy access for pedestrians, rehabilitation or reuse of previously disturbed or damaged sites and preserving or restoring native habitats and vegetation.


ICI emphasizes water efficiency for potable and non-potable water as well as creative methods for water disposal. By monitoring and reducing the consumption of both indoor and outdoor water, the cost and effects of energy use are decreased and both environmental and human well-being is improved. Rain water harvesting, advanced waste treatment technologies, low flow fixtures and self-sustaining landscape strategies have all been successfully implemented on ICI projects.

Competent selection, use and disposal of construction materials are a day-to-day focus of ICI field personnel. From encouraging our subcontractors to select recycled and locally harvested materials to recycling land clearing debris and concrete washout, we believe in a Reduce, Reuse and Recycle mentality.

Care regarding the creation and usage of energy is taken into consideration throughout every phase of construction. In our work with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., ICI is proud to have been involved in the first Prototype SuperCenter in this region to incorporate a high-efficiency HVAC system. This system recycles waste heat from the refrigeration system, substantially decreasing any effect on the environment.