Estimating and Lean Construction Software

Bid Management

ICI utilizes a bid management solution which is accessed directly through our website, and powered by Pantera Tools, to provide a secure, online resource for posting and managing critical project information. This cloud-based application facilitates the exchange of large amounts of information during preconstruction, allowing us to easily communicate with subcontractors, securely distribute project documents, post and send project communications and efficiently qualify subcontractors and suppliers. These built-in capabilities allow our staff to focus their time on putting out quality bids with much less effort than ever before.

AutoDesk’s BIM / REVIT

ICI utilizes AutoDesk’s multi-dimensional, real time, dynamic Building Information Modeling (BIM) / REVIT software to enhance our relationship with design professionals and gain a better understanding of shared design concepts. This powerful technology allows us the ability to closely examine multiple scenarios without a re-design of the building, allowing for potential savings in both design and construction costs. ICI’s expertise with BIM has produced quantifiable benefits such as better estimates in a shorter timeframe. It has also allowed us to recommend better technologies and solutions, increased efficiencies during construction by eliminating design clashes among disciplines and accurately quantifies material take-off, thus increasing coordination between trades.

On Center’s OST – On Screen Take-Off

On-Screen Take-Off (OST) Software aids ICI in producing accurate and timely cost estimates for our clients. Aside from measuring square footages, perimeters and volumes of simple and complex rooms for cost estimating purposes, OST includes an over-lay feature that allows ICI to quickly identify and resolve possible conflicts between design phases. Using this feature, drawings are digitally layered on top of each other and changes or differences are highlighted. Our estimating team can then evaluate cost or schedule impact of the revision, keeping your project within budget and on schedule.


Project Management and Scheduling Software


A major part of ICI’s IT Strategy is to embrace web-based technology to maximize collaboration and efficiency and incorporate instant communication resources into our project management. To this end, Procore’s all-in-one platform provides an immense benefit. The cloud-based, mobile-device accessible, solution allows ICI to standardize workflow and document management, provide a centralized place for collaboration and communication and utilize features like automatic email notifications to increase efficiency. The available accessibility from any internet-connected device, allows for real time, up-to-date project information delivery to all our project team members at any time. Distributing project documents, submittals and RFI’s all electronically and directly within the software allows the entire project team to make quick and accurate decisions by having instant access to vital information. Offering unlimited user accessibility allows every project team member, from the Owner and Design Team to Subcontractors and Venders, to be as informed as possible about the construction progress and have access to photos, project information and team member communication.

Microsoft Project

ICI utilizes scheduling software with the Critical Path Method (CPM) to optimize efficiency in our projects. Microsoft Project, integrated directly with our Project Management Software, Procore, ensures that all critical items are identified at the beginning of the project, and updated throughout, letting the team identify and manage high-risk activities, visualize dependencies between activities, allow for ample time to get long lead items ordered and ensure the project progresses without delay.

Mobile Accessibility

Each of ICI’s team members has a company-issued iPad putting the power of Procore’s mobile app and access to real time project data at the fingertips of the entire team. Team members can answer project-related questions instantly with 24/7 accessibility, increasing project collaboration and escalating productivity. Taking advantage of the latest technology available in the industry, improves communication among Owner / Architect / Engineer/ ICI, maximizes the project schedule; and ultimately allows us to deliver a high-quality building to the end user. Before the implementation of this tablet and app-based technology, like most construction firms, ICI Project Team Members were lugging around hard copy drawing rolls and specification books. Today, however, pairing the iPad with the latest documentation and collaboration software, Procore, has revolutionized the way ICI uses plans and specifications and delivers up-to-the-minute information to the entire team.


Accounting Systems

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

Successful cost management requires accurate information at your fingertips. ICI utilizes Sage 300 Construction Software, formerly Timberline Office, to provide our team with the essential information necessary to make well-informed decisions. Sage 300 enables ICI to integrate our accounting and project management functions, allowing for live, accurate cost information and immediate answers.