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How Cooper’s Hawk is changing the game for winery/ restaurant dining

Commercial Construction & Renovation features Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants in October’s featured story. ICI is proud to be one of their trusted partners having successfully delivered the interior build-out of Cooper’s Hawk in Oak Park, Illinois. ICI is currently working on ground-up locations in Clinton Township, Michigan and Orange, Ohio.

What’s the biggest issue today related to the construction side of the business?

Trust. Most often you hear this answered with the rising costs or lead times of materials, the GC hitting their dates, staying on budget. In my opinion, those are everyday issues that exist now and will exist 15 years from now. To me, it is all about trust. Can you trust the people you have hired to have your best interest in mind during the process? You always have change orders, you always have weather, you always have obstacles in construction, but when they happen, can you trust the team around you are all working toward the same goal? Can you trust they have thought of every possible way to be more efficient with their time? Can you trust they are giving you the best pricing? Can you trust they will hit their dates? Can you trust what they say? If you trust them, your work day is not only much easier, it is much happier. I am fortunate to have trust with the partners we work with. — Walter Fisher, VP of design, construction and facilities