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The Audi Exchange in Highland Park Breaks Ground

Building upon a relationship developed through the construction of two previous dealerships, ICI was awarded the new Audi Exchange Dealership in Highland Park, Illinois in early 2018.

ICI partnered with multiple parties throughout the preconstruction process (The Exchange Group, the owners representative, the corporate design architect from Audi and the local architect of record) and completed pricing and phasing options on 17 iterations of the dealership model ranging in scope from $10 million to $55 million throughout the course of the past year. The extensive effort eventually led ownership to a solution that blends renovated/expanded elements of the existing campus with additional new construction components.

Aerial footage of the existing campus was recently captured by drone: March 2018 Audi Exchange Aerial Video. Construction progress will be captured regularly throughout the project. Check back to see the latest footage or visit ICI’s YouTube Channel.

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