Roesch Chrysler Dodge Jeep Elmhurst


Roesch Family Auto Group


Valerio Dewalt Train


Design / Build

Initially, the Roesch Chrysler dealership and Service Center were in two separate but adjacent buildings. ICI was assigned the task of demolishing the Chrysler showroom while keeping the service area intact and functioning. This required disconnecting utility services to the showroom while retaining them in the service building.

The new, 2-level showroom encompasses 24,250 SF and is constructed of masonry, steel and glass.

Alucobond panels were installed over the masonry to provide a decorative and contemporary look to the building’s exterior. These, along with a 28-foot glass curtain wall, added to the appeal of the final product.

Decorative and durable porcelain tile was installed throughout. Handrails of ornamental wire mesh enhance the newly installed staircase to the service area as well as the showroom entry area. Executive offices are located on the mezzanine overlooking the showroom.

ICI served as Design-Builder for this $4.5 Million Diamler Chrysler “Alpha” project. Hiring VDT to work under contract with ICI provided the Client with a single-source of responsibility throughout the project.

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