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This 36,910 SF building includes a full- service cafe, theatre room, fitness center and patio deck. Based merely on three early design drawings and a soils report, ICI was able to accurately forecast the budget for this project. In fact, the final construction cost, at $6.5 Million was within 4% of the design budget. This budgeting allowed the owner to obtain financing and ICI to tighten the schedule, bid the project to trade subcontractors and begin construction as the design was being completed.

Because of schedule constraints, ICI established a fast-track phased construction sequence and worked with the Village of Glencoe closely to coordinate interim permitting. This allowed for site grading and paving to be completed prior to the winter months. Additionally, sizing and coordination of electrical utilities and placement of primary service to a new transformer were allowed without complete electrical drawings.

Five thousand cubic yards of unsuitable soil was removed and an underground detention system was installed to accommodate an additional parking lot.

The fast-track schedule allowed trade contractors to work through the winter, saving months on the schedule and thousands of dollars in General Condition costs.

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