The Audi Exchange


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Construction Manager

Building upon a relationship developed through the construction of two previous dealerships, ICI was awarded the new Audi Exchange Dealership in Highland Park, Illinois in early 2018.

ICI partnered with multiple parties throughout the preconstruction process (The Exchange Group, the owners representative, the corporate design architect from Audi and the local architect of record) and completed pricing and phasing options on 17 iterations of the dealership model ranging in scope from $10 million to $55 million. The extensive effort eventually led ownership to a solution that blends renovated/expanded elements of the existing campus with additional new construction components.

During the bidding process, ICI managed complex trade contractor bid packages that allowed the client to select from 39 different “a la carte” options. Additionally, our team coordinated, expedited and managed the permitting process for more than 15 municipal permits. Lastly, ICI is coordinating burial of overhead AT&T and Comcast cabling.

ICI broke ground on the project in the spring of 2018 and once complete, the 6 acre dealership campus will contain four buildings and a car display plaza. The site will also undergo significant infrastructure upgrades.

The aforementioned four buildings will be renovated and expanded versions of existing structures. Structural updates and the installation of a second floor will take place within the existing 70-year-old masonry building on campus.

Additionally, Audi brand updates will be incorporated throughout the campus structures; including double wall ‘honeycomb’ metal panel systems, large format tiles, extensive metal ceilings, and an indoor display area. ICI will also install an all-glass staircase in the existing showroom; incorporating all necessary structural modifications.

The display plaza on campus will be new construction and will contain a 3,000 square foot cantilevered roof structure with a tiered retaining wall system.

The infrastructure work consists of 1.5 acre feet of underground detention, site lighting, curbs, asphalt and landscaping as well as ¼ mile of Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) road widening and utility modifications.

Maintaining operations throughout construction is essential for ownership. Therefore, ICI phased the project into nine segments to minimize disruption. The new dealership is targeted for completion in summer 2019.

Renderings provided courtesy of Charles Vincent George Architects.