150 N Clinton HQ


Symphony / IRI


Valerio Dewalt Train


General Contractor

Early in our relationship with this client, ICI remodeled the interior of two, six- story, 1920s manufacturing buildings to serve as IRI’s corporate headquarters. The two buildings, which we connected via a sky bridge, total 229,000 sf.

In 2007, ICI renovated this 150,000 SF building for the second time, creating a new 1st floor lobby and conference center, new work spaces on the 2nd thru 5th floors and a new client center and executive offices on the 6th floor. In addition to this work, new roof top units were placed and the basement was re-configured.

Because the building is a timber structure, ICI constantly maintains a high level of life safety. Fire Safety precautions are reviewed regularly and evacuation routes for employees are updated for each construction phase.

ICI performed the site survey, preliminary demolition and all construction services required for the installation of this 15,000 SF data center at IRI’s corporate headquarters, which could be accessed from both national and international locations.
Upon completion of the required demolition, ICI worked with the MEP and structural engineers to facilitate the installation of the new data center. Features of the data center included a redundant cooling tower system, a dual grid, primary power system with generator backup, and raised floor system for the network fiber optic system, cooling and power supply.

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