150 N Clinton Lobby




Valerio Dewalt Train


Construction Manager

Since 1982, Symphony/IRI has turned to ICI to build-out over 1 Million SF of office space across the country. The spaces, totalling over 100 projects, cover a variety of designs and textures ranging from a natural wood atrium to industrial lobbies.
By incorporating detailed phasing plans into every project, ICI has always completed construction while the facilities are occupied and fully functional.

A few of the techniques used to accommodate continued operations include arranging work schedules to allow departments that interact with business operations in Asia and Europe to remain functional, building sound walls to avoid noise disruption and coordinating movement of personnel and services, including electrical, video, data, and the entire IT backbone of the company.

As part of a 2007 renovation, ICI took on the creation of a new 1st floor lobby within a 150,000 SF building for the second time. Additionally, new work spaces were created on the 2nd thru 5th floors.

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