Corus Bank


Corus bank


Yas Architecture, llC


Construction Manager

During the winter of 2008, ICI completed a new 44,000 SF operations center for Corus Bank. The project included a back of house operation facility, corporate offices and a Data Center. Having outgrown their existing location and finding the electrical system was no longer able to function at an acceptable level, it was clear a new location was necessary.

ICI began construction in February 2008 and completed the project on schedule in June. Diligent coordination with the owner’s vendors was key to the success of the project. The owner’s direct vendors included an FF&E contract with work stations for over 100 employees, a high-tech security system and the Data Center equipment. The Data Room and Communications Rooms had to be turned over to the contractor installing the Servers by April 2008. This date was critical because the data from the existing facility needed to be downloaded to the new facility before the air conditioning became an issue.

For security purposes the project is located in a discrete industrial park. However, upon entering the building you are met by Glass Conference Rooms, Alumavault Acoustic Ceilings and Offices that include Maple Wainscoat and Glazed Walls. Office spaces were mocked up during the rough stage with MEP locations for Bank approval prior to proceeding with construction. This allowed for easy changes prior to installation of the finishes.