Storage Facility and Office Renovation


Metro Storage


Project Delivery

ICI renovated this massive 233,000 SF, 3-story storage facility in just six weeks. The project first required extensive demolition of the existing interior. Following demolition, nearly 5,000 SF of structural concrete repair was needed to make floors and columns sound. Finally, after refurbishment of the concrete floor, an epoxy floor was installed.

ICI installed four large, solid-state, automated overhead doors. For security purposes, the doors are office-controlled and equipped with photo-sensor entrance and exit devices.

Guard rails, signage, traffic striping and wheel blocks were installed to ensure the safe movement of vehicles within the facility.

Extensive electrical, plumbing and drainage work was also required. For security and fire alarm purposes, ICI installed 83, 10-pound fire extinguishers based upon Chicago Fire Department requirements. A special steel bracing system was required and installed on the roof for support of the HVAC system.

The scope of work also included constructing offices and a lobby area. Three masonry vestibules were built around existing entrances and interior curtain walls were installed for visibility and the benefit of daylight.