Central DuPage Hospital Patient Overflow Rooms


Central DuPage Hospital


Garapolo Maynard


General Contractor

International Contractors, Inc. has been working at Central DuPage Hospital for the past several years. In 2012, ICI was contracted for improvements on two of the floors of the South Building con-currently. The Patient Overflow Rooms consisted of a 10,000 SF build-out with post-operative rooms and office space.

In keeping with the hospital’s commitment to patient-centered care, each of the overflow rooms has high level finishes, providing patients a comfortable environment as they recover. Each room also contains medical gas, nurse call and associated care systems.

The construction cost totaled $1.53 million. The project was completed in close proximity to occupied areas of the hospital and therefore required a high level or coordination. Modifications to multiple building systems serving these patient areas are also being modified; coordination was of key importance for this reason as well.

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