Central DuPage Hospital Penthouse Mechanical Systems Replacement


Central DuPage Hospital


Garapolo Maynard


General Contractor

International Contractors, Inc. recently completed multiple renovation projects within Central DuPage Hospital’s (CDH) South Building. A portion of the contract also included the complex removal and replacement of the building’s air handling units, return air fans, mechanical pumps, piping, temperature controls and associated systems.

Embedded within the hospital’s campus, the South Building is not accessible from the ground on any elevation. As such, the replacement of the two air handling units (which serve the entire South Building) requires that each unit be broken down individually and removed piece-by-piece through a 3’ door and navigated through a the stairwell and out of the building.

The construction cost totaled $1.44 million. The South Building Mechanical Upgrades project required detailed coordination due to close proximity to occupied areas of the hospital and complete replacement of multiple building systems serving these occupied spaces.

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