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After successfully completing our first project on Benedictine University’s campus in 2009, ICI was retained as the University’s Construction Manager. Since 2009, ICI has completed more than a dozen projects on campus, each with a detailed preconstruction phase to ensure project delivery within the University’s budget and schedule.

Recently, ICI completed a build-out of several levels of Kindlon Hall to make way for the University’s library, conference and collaboration rooms and new administrative and office spaces. Major mechanical upgrades were also required to service the newly finished space.

The newly built-out spaces include a a learning commons with group study spaces, individual study spaces, a reference help desk, and IT help desk and library staff offices.

The collaboration rooms are among the most widely used spaces within the new library. Each of the 4 spaces are equipped with state of the art technology. Additionally, the furniture systems (provided by Izzi Furniture Systems) can easily be reconfigured depending upon the current use of the room; from training room style rows to large tables to smaller individual groupings.

The project was completed in 2012 in just under 5 months. The space came in on budget at $3.1 million. This project was constructed concurrently with the Benedictine University Borsellino Family Football Center; a project that was also delivered by the same project team to the University on time and within budgetary constraints.

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