Cicero School District 99 Warren Park New Elementary School


Cicero School District 99


FGM Architects


Construction Manager

Cicero School District 99’s existing Warren Park school was no longer meeting the District’s curriculum needs and the environment was not condusive to 21st century learning. They approached ICI to conduct a facility study to evaluate whether it was in the District’s best interest to renovate the existing building or replace it completely.

ICI conducted a thorough investigation of the building and the cost implications of both options. After our findings were reported, the District opted to demolish the existing school and build a replacement on the same site.

The new Warren Park PK-6 Elementary School project broke ground in the spring of 2015 after an agreement was reached on the final school programming. The site required extensive environmental remediation that was completed in August 2015.

All work took place in a densely populated, active neighborhood so safety was of paramount importance. Contractor staging and site access required continual adjustments as the work progressed.

The new school building was designed with a desire to house more of the local neighborhood student population through extended grade levels versus the typical elementary school.

The school opened as planned in August 2016 and houses students in levels pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. The school contains twenty-six (26) elementary grade classrooms, special education classrooms, three (3) kindergarten classrooms, two (2) preschool classrooms, four (4) elementary grade classrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium and several administrative and storage areas. The school also includes an internet-based media center, music/art classroom with accompanying office suites and storage spaces.

The project incorporated sustainable practices including permeable pavers, green space and a green roof.

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