Elmhurst CUSD 205 Preconstruction Planning


Elmhurst CUSD 205


Wight & Co


Construction Manager

In the summer of 2017, ICI was hired through a competitive qualifications-based selection process to serve as Elmhurst CUSD 205’s Construction Manager.

The District was embarking upon an evaluation of short and long term facility needs. The District-wide facilities evaluation required the services of a professional construction partner to provide cost estimating, phasing and school site logistics services.

Throughout the remainder of 2017 and into 2018, ICI worked alongside District architect Wight & Co. to evaluate a multitude of facility options with the ultimate goal of presenting scenarios to the District for discussion with the Community.

Key District objectives include the implementation of an all day Kindergarten program, upgrading security and possible replacement of aging facilities.

ICI views our role as Construction Manager with each of our District partners as that of a trusted advisor. Our objective is to present fully vetted construction scenarios to a District; ultimately allowing Administration to make educated decisions that are in the best interest of students and the community.

District 205 is currently evaluating multiple scenarios and ICI will continue to provide preconstruction services as needed.