Elmwood Park CUSD 401 Elm Middle School Expansion and Renovation


Elmwood Park CUSD 401


DLA Architects, Ltd.


Construction Manager

Since 2013, ICI has partnered with Elmwood Park CUSD 401 as the District’s construction manager. During that time, ICI has completed award-winning expansions, renovations and life safety upgrades for CUSD 401. In the District’s most recent capital improvement project, ICI is completing a major expansion, a renovation and significant site improvements to Elm Middle School as it transitions to a true middle school; accommodating grades 6-8. The expansion / renovation will also add critically needed occupational therapy / physical therapy rooms for the school’s special education program.

The expansion / renovation is currently underway and is targeted for completion in the summer of 2020. The renovation work is taking place largely while students and faculty are out for summer break. The new construction component of the project will occur during the school year, but ICI is skilled at minimizing disruption to classrooms. Additionally, extensive precautionary measures are taken to separate construction activity from students and faculty to maintain safety for all.

The renovation work will ultimately allow for a reorganization and a refresh of the existing building. Walls will be demolished, restrooms will be gutted, new technology will be implemented, and the ceiling tiles, lights and doors will be replaced; along with a fresh coat of paint throughout. Upon completion, the school’s basement will feature two art rooms with storage, a large flex space for professional development and small group work, a teachers’ lounge and office/storage space. The first floor will feature a new social worker office, conference room, special education space, a concession stand and a technology hub. The second floor will house an open concept library, two classrooms and an area for students with special needs.

The expansion project component includes two areas of new construction to house 10 new classrooms and a second gym to educate the influx of new students (approximately 700). On the east side of the school, a two-story addition housing 10 classrooms (five of which will be dedicated to science) will be built. On the south side of the existing gym, a second gym will be constructed.

The site improvement consist of new street paving, curbs, gutters, stormwater drainage, sidewalk and turf, as well as 30 diagonal parking spaces.