ESPN Rise Up Dyett High School Athletic Facility Updates


Chicago Public Schools


St. Martin brown & Associates


Construction Manager

In the spring of 2011, ICI was contacted by the cable network ESPN to collaborate on an upcoming documentary. The ongoing series features an inner-city school’s athletic facility undergoing a major renovation and refurbishment, and then a “reveal” to the student body. The transformation is recorded from start to finish and the resulting documentary, titled RISE UP, airs nationally on the ESPN network.

Selected from among hundreds of applicants nationally, Dyett High School athletic director Clarence Smith’s winning letter set into motion a series of improvements that engaged the student body and provided them with much needed equipment and facility upgrades.

Renovations and improvements include a new rock climbing wall, refinishing of the gymnasium floor, installation of interactive SMART boards, new exercise equipment, complete remodel of the ROTC area including new resin flooring, replacement of light fixtures and painting throughout the entire facility as well as new state-of-the-art exercise and training equipment.

In keeping with International Contractors’ commitment to community reinvestment, our team donated labor, equipment usage, select materials and the coordination of subcontractors’ labor/material donations.