Evergreen Park SD 124 Central Middle School Renovation & Expansion


Evergreen Park School District 124




Construction Manager

In late 2013, ICI was hired by Evergreen Park School District 124 to serve as the District’s Construction Manager for their upcoming multi-phase renovation and expansion project.

For the following several months, ICI worked with the District on preconstruction planning, budgeting and scheduling to align the District’s goals with a realistic timeline and scope to fit their budget.

Phase 1 – Summer 2014: The first phase in the project included the creation of a well-marked secure entry point at the school’s northeast corner. ICI completed a gut renovation of the administrative space along the school’s eastern edge. At the same time, ICI worked in the southwest portion of the school to gut and combine several existing classrooms and create a state-of-the-art media center. Mechanical and electrical upgrades throughout the existing school were also an important component to this phase of the project.

Phase 2 – Fall 2014: During the fall of 2014, ICI completed a gut renovation of the existing science labs. Because work was being performed in an occupied school, safety and minimizing disruption to school activities was paramount.

Phase 3 – Summer 2015: Summer 2015 entails renovating the existing band and music rooms, corridors, as well as the gymnasium and locker rooms.