Frankfort SD 157-C Grand Prairie Elementary School and Two-Phase Expansion


Frankfort SD 157C


FGM Architects


Construction Manager

ICI’s relationship with Frankfort Community School District began with the construction of a new school, Grand Prairie Elementary School. The 82,000 SF school was awarded based on a stipulated sum contract. The facility sits on 37 acres and offered 27 classrooms, 13 administrative offices, a gym and common area.

The single-story school has a circular library providing immediate access to computers for all classes. Additionally, the site also accommodates a parking lot and playing fields. A maintenance building with offices, overhead doors and four bays and a security room was also constructed. The project was completed within the allotted 14 months and within budget.

Because of the project’s success, the District then turned to ICI for the construction of two subsequent expansions onto the school and switched to a Construction Management project delivery method.

In 2002, the School District contracted ICI in the role of Construction Manager for the 45,000 SF expansion and renovation of Grand Prairie Elementary School.

In our role as Construction Manager, ICI was able to become involved in the project at an early stage, working closely with FGM Architects at preconstruction, discussing and evaluating building options and providing budget and scheduling information needed by the Board to make informed decisions.

The expansion and renovation encompassed 18 new classrooms, a full gymnasium, a multi-purpose room, hard and soft play areas, a courtyard student garden and other instructional and computer areas. The project was completed two months ahead of schedule and $200,000 under budget.

The final phase of construction on the building began in 2008 when the District approached ICI for the construction of a 28,520 SF addition on the east side of this K-2 School. The addition provided six new classrooms for first and second graders, three new kindergarten rooms, a multi-purpose room, restrooms, a “team” room and a special education classroom. Additionally, ICI completed site work on 9.5 acres of school property.

These upgrades included an several acres of detention, new site utilities and new curbs and gutters. Reconstructing parking lots and driveways added 125 new parking spaces and 25 bus staging areas.

ICI performed work at Grand Prairie as well as the District’s Chelsea Intermediate School simultaneously, including over $3 Million in site work in place within 9 weeks.

Because school was in session during construction, ICI took a very proactive approach in reinforcing safety. Project team members created a site-specific safety program and involved students in the process.

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