Itasca Village Hall and Police Facility


Village of Itasca


FGM Architects


Construction Manager

Itasca’s Village Hall and Police Facility houses the public safety and administrative space the Village so needed. The new Village Hall has offices to accommodate village officials and community development staff members as well as a common area for meetings. The second floor also incorporates a multi-purpose room and storage.

The police facility houses a 911 Center and an Emergency Operations Command Center. Both areas were constructed with emergency back-up systems, secondary antennas and special fire protection systems.

ICI was heavily involved in the programming and design phases with FGM Architects and provided a multitude of value-engineering alternatives. Ultimately, over $100,000 in value engineering alternatives were accepted, including:

  • Using Light gauge metal trusses instead of wood removed the need for an attic fire suppression system.
  • Norman size brick was selected instead of standard brick, reducing labor costs while matching the prairie style architecture.
  • Redesign of the main entrance lobby reduced extra space by 10,000 square feet.

After trade bids were received, the Village was able to reinvest over $200,000 into the project. The Final Cost of Construction was 1% under ICI’s Construction Estimate.

Due to its location in the middle of a nature center, ICI took steps to protect the existing wildlife. Twenty trees were also saved by relocation.

Of significance, ICI elected to have our Project Management Team certified in “Planning, Designing & Constructing Police Facilities” by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).