Allyu Spa


Allyu Spa


DMAC Architecture


Construction Manager

Allyu Spa, located in the historic Wards Warehouse building at 600 W. Chicago Avenue, required very specific and significant space renovation to attain an interior worthy of the Allyu Spa earth- conscious philosophy.

The 5,900 SF spa, devoted to beauty and relaxation, looks out over the Chicago River and offers a get-away of peace and nature in the midst of city living.

Ten massage rooms, a meditation room, pedicure and manicure areas, office spaces, a retail area and lobby have been renovated using environmentally friendly resources.

Mesquite and cork flooring; reclaimed barn doors; texturized, clay-finished walls; showers with a Moroccan plaster finish and Tectum panel ceilings provide a unique use of “renewal resource” materials.

In addition, low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint and formaldehyde-free insulation add to the environmentally- friendly products and materials used in the creation of Allyu Spa.

A Gabion “erosion control” rock-filled wall feature adds to the Allyu Spa theme of respect for the earth’s limited resources. Mahogany finishes and subdued lighting add to the ambience of the Allyu Spa atmosphere.