Butler National Golf Course Clubhouse & Pro Shop


Butler National Golf


Chipman Design Architecture


Ph 1 General Contracting; Ph 2 Construction Management

Renovation of the 6,000 SF Butler National Golf Course 250-seat dining area and lounge was completed within a two phase, 12 week schedule.

The Phase I scope of work included altering wall configurations and upgrading finishes throughout the space. The roof was repaired and ventilation and mechanical systems were upgraded.

Phase II encompassed two clubhouse levels. A dividing wall and five demising walls were installed for privacy in the oak and mahogany-paneled Governor’s Room. In addition, light fixtures and HVAC diffusers and grills throughout the space were relocated.

On the lower level, ICI installed 4,000 SF of carpeting with a “spike-sturdy” pad. New millwork included baseboards and stair stringers. Dividing walls were installed to match the existing walls. New electrical and data outlets were installed. And finally, a wood and glass bulletin board, accented with new light fixtures, was installed.

Following the successful completion of this project, ICI was contracted as Construction Manager to renovate Butler’s Pro Shop. Work took place within a 16 week schedule and was completed in time for the start of golf season.