Disneyland Regional Entertainment


Charles Daboub Design


Construction Manager

ICI served as Construction Manager for the 35,000 SF theme restaurant billed as the “ultimate sports playground.”. Because of ICI’s intense coordination and ability to fast-track the project, the highly intricate complex was completed in less than 5 months.

The restaurant features dining in an ESPN studio set environment with 10,000 SF of competitive interactive games and numerous computer stations. The screening room has remote controls to 220 TV monitors with state-of-the- art technology to enable multi-game viewing, direct audio control for all games, statistical updates by the minute and specialized sports centered around a 16-foot video wall with tiered recliner seating.

Forty percent of the budget was allocated for multimedia systems. The control room monitors two audiovisual equipment rooms, speakers, monitors, lights and satellites. The radio booth provides for live, on-site broadcasts.

The HVAC system includes 30 fan coil units tied to Unicom, the Chicago loop’s central cooling system.

During construction, ICI’s on-site superintendents supervised as many as 150 trades people on site concurrently.