MTV Real World House


Bunim/Murray Productions




Design / Build

This three story 9,000 SF, building exudes imaginative interior design and incorporates state-of-the-art technology.

The first floor is dedicated to MTV’s production control room consisting of dozens of television monitors. Furthermore, the access and egress for this space was built to restrict interaction between the cast and crew, without compromising comfort or safety.

The second and third floors served as the living areas for the show’s cast members. The house was designed as one large open space, so walls separating rooms are rare. What walls there are were rarely perpendicular to the floor or flat. Curves and asymmetrical angles were abundant throughout the space.

Within the living space there are a number of unique components, including a “nesting area” with a circular entrance carved into the wall, a phone lounge resembling a skateboard ramp, a tropical fish tank and a spa built to feel as if it was set against the backdrop of Chicago’s skyline.

ICI maintained an aggressive schedule in order to complete the project in time for production to begin.