NBC Studios Democratic National Convention Broadcasting Facility


NBC Studios


Valerio Dewalt Train


General Contractor

In just three weeks, ICI converted five interconnected skybox suites at the United Center into a temporary TV Broadcasting Facility for the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

The architect’s vision for a luminous object resembling a spaceship was created by the metal and glass construction and cantilevering the studio over the seats below the skybox level.

The facility housed television cameras, monitors, mechanical equipment, sound systems, reporters, TV anchors and support staff for the 4-day event.

ICI also provided technical engineering and support for the equipment trailers outside the United Center. The studio required special HVAC and electrical work along with consideration to deadening sound and light reflection. The HVAC equipment cooled over 30,000 watts of television studio lighting, along with special acoustical construction to deaden the equipment sound.

After the convention, ICI returned the skyboxes to their original condition in nine days.