West Highland Capital Partners


WD Partners


Construction Manager

West Highland Capital Partners hired ICI under a construction management contract to complete extensive demolition and remodeling of this existing restaurant in Westmont, Illinois.

The permit was expedited based on a phased, fast-track, design and construction schedule and ICI began the site work while the shell and interior packages were still being designed.

As design progressed, ICI worked closely with West Highland Partners and WD Partners to keep the team updated on any design changes that would affect the budget and/or schedule.

The demolition included removal of three existing exterior walls and a complete gut of the interior of this 7,400 square foot existing restaurant.

Construction of the new restaurant incorporated the addition of outdoor canopies, a port cochere for outdoor dining and includes a new car drive. The space received all new mechanical systems, extensive high-end millwork and finishes as well as a temperature controlled wine room.