Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants, Scottsdale, Arizona


Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants


Aria Group Architects


Construction Manager

ICI built its first Cooper’s Hawk location in Oak Park in 2017. Since then, it has built four new restaurant locations and completed remodels on seven other Cooper’s Hawk properties, including the company’s Restaurant Support Center in Downers Grove, Illinois.

In 2020, ICI will build three new restaurants for Cooper’s Hawk: one in Scottsdale, Arizona — the farthest west the chain has ventured and set to open in summer 2020.

Cooper’s Hawk’s design incorporates a multitude of high end finishes to create a sophisticated, yet casual dining experience. Wood plank ceilings and beams, stainless steel accents and bold light fixtures adorn the ceilings and walls.

When asked why ICI has been retained for multiple concurrent restaurants, Walter Fisher, Vice President of Construction for Cooper’s Hawk, replied “ I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that people in our industry still care deeply about the end product they deliver. We look forward to working together on many more projects.”

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