Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants, Oak Park


Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant, LLC


Aria Group Architects, Inc.


General Contractor

In mid-2017, ICI completed construction on the Cooper’s Hawk Winery in Oak Park, Illinois. The 12,500 square foot restaurant occupies the ground level of a high rise downtown Oak Park development. Once inside, guests can visit a tasting room, retail space, a bar and indoor and outdoor dining spaces.

Cooper’s Hawk’s design incorporates a multitude of high end finishes to create a sophisticated, yet casual dining experience. Wood plank ceilings and beams, stainless steel accents and bold light fixtures adorn the ceilings and walls. The restaurant operates with an extensive LED lighting package and six different types of tile. Various hardwood millwork pieces and quartz and granite countertops complete the space.

Construction began in February and originally had a completion date of July. The client then requested the schedule be accelerated by three weeks. ICI met client expectations and restaurant was completed by June 2017. The fast track schedule was not the only project complexity: ICI installed a black iron grease duct 60’ vertically through base building shafts adjacent to occupied spaces to the roof.

According to its website, the Oak Park location marks Cooper’s Hawk’s ninth restaurant in Illinois. The company also has locations in Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Due to the successful delivery of this first space, the restaurant group then entrusted the build of a second location to ICI.