Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Diner


Dick Clark's Restaurants




General Contractor

ICI was selected to build the first two Dick Clark Restaurants in the Midwest. The selected locations for the diner were Woodfield Shopping Center in Schaumburg, Illinois and Auburn Hills, Michigan.

ICI completed both projects on-time, despite delays due to the permit processing and municipal and mall approval in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Our ability to coordinate the subcontractors was the key to remaining on schedule.

The client, Dick Clark Restaurants, Inc, was thrilled to be able to meet the originally scheduled opening date.

In order to accomplish this feat, ICI worked diligently; and through skillful coordination and scheduling was able to condense the original construction schedule by four weeks.

Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Diner featured furnishings, decor and memorabilia reminiscent of the 1960’s.