Fogo de Chão Indianapolis


Fogo de Chão


Rowland Design, Inc.


Construction Manager

The Indianapolis Fogo de Chão is located within the former Zipper Building – named for its facade that resembles a zipper. The entrance, containing a 12’ x 8’ stained glass window depicting Fogo’s signature fire, creates a distinct landmark to welcome guests.

ICI coordinated the build-out of this 10,000 SF, space with existing tenants on the second and third floors of the building. ICI was able to successfully manage disturbance hours and limit loud noise activities to time frames when the tenants were closed for business.

Throughout the fifteen weeks of construction, ICI worked with the Property Manager and Owner to implement architectural details requested by the landlord into Fogo de Chão’s exterior facade design. ICI was also tasked with closely coordinating with the Base Building Contractor to ensure a tight schedule was met without delay.

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