Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill


Stir Crazy Enterprises, LLC


Knauer incorporated


General Contractor

Stir Crazy Enterprises and ICI developed a strong relationship while ICI was performing renovation and maintenance projects for the restaurant chain in the Chicago area.

It was no surprise when Stir Crazy requested that the ICI team construct a new 6,000 SF restaurant that was on a fast track schedule. The restaurant was in Creve Coeur, Missouri and the time frame was135 days.
This freestanding building was constructed within an already developed retail area, limiting available space for staging areas.

In order to maintain the four-and-a-half month schedule, ICI planned and scheduled very carefully.

ICI was conscientious of neighbors who were conducting business and also made it a priority to compensate for the limited site area in which they were required to work. Ordering and delivery of materials and manufactured components were timed very carefully. In addition, trades were scheduled with great care so nearby businesses were not disturbed.