Jewel-Osco Renovations | 7 Locations




Project Delivery

ICI began its relationship with Jewel-Osco grocery stores in 2001 when we were awarded the renovation of an existing store in Evanston, Illinois. From that point forward, ICI worked with Jewel-Osco on a variety of renovation projects, as well as one new construction store.

When performing a renovation project, it is particularly challenging to build while the store is fully operational. Typically, ICI’s team barricades the construction area in order to keep it isolated from shoppers. Any demolition, or other work that might become too disruptive to the store, is completed after hours.


Evanston, Illinois

ICI completed 51,384 square feet of interior and exterior renovations including the produce, deli and bakery sections. Renovations took place while the store was fully operational but the necessary precautions were taken to avoid disrupting shoppers.


Oswego, Illinois

ICI completed this 68,000 square foot renovation of the Oswego Jewel-Osco in just 23 weeks. The store remained open during the construction process making customer safety a top priority. Construction areas were barricaded and kept isolated in order to protect shoppers. Renovations included the photo lab, pharmacy, produce, deli and bakery sections.


Villa Park, Illinois

For ICI’s third Jewel-Osco project, our team completed the 56,097 square foot renovation of the Villa Park store in under 30 weeks. ICI’s crew completed concrete demolition after hours in order to avoid disrupting shoppers.


Melrose Park, Illinois

This 71,090 square foot renovation was completed in 19 weeks. Key to the project’s success was the coordination of the construction while working in an operational grocery store.


Wheaton, Illinois

In January 2007, ICI completed the 62,000 SF renovation of the Wheaton Jewel-Osco.


Frankfort, Illinois

ICI completed the 69,840 square foot renovation of an existing Jewel-Osco in Frankfort, Illinois. ICI remodeled the liquor, deli, market, bakery and produce sections as well as the photo lab and pharmacy.


Chicago, Illinois

ICI was awarded the 71,514 square foot remodel of an existing Jewel-Osco grocery in Chicago, Illinois. Renovations include the pharmacy and photo lab as well as the produce, deli, market, liquor and bakery sections. Exterior renovations also took place. The project was completed on- time and within budget in July, 2009 for $1.62 million.

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