Safety is a core value at ICI. We cultivate a culture that emphasizes safety above all else. Our commitment to safety begins with our executive leadership and our success is the result of daily attention to detail by every employee on every project.

Key components of our safety program include training, support, empowerment and action. ICI provides monthly, quarterly and yearly safety training programs available to all our employees. The support of our executive leadership ensures that every employee feels empowered to take the actions necessary to create safe conditions on their job site.

Pre-planning for safety is a major component of our program. A project specific safety plan is developed and communicated to our subcontractors. Teamwork is essential to creating a culture of safety and we integrate our subcontracts into that team. The safety plan addresses the roles and responsibilities of each Team Member, Competent Person requirements, Employee Training and Certification, Job Hazard Analysis and Pre-Task Planning requirements and a Disruption Avoidance Plan. ICI also employs third-party consultants to monitor and report on our project sites on a monthly basis.