Quality Control

Quality Control is an on-going and highly active process. ICI is proactive from the start of design through to final close-out. Our commitment to quality is evidenced by the vast number of our repeat clients and long-term partnerships.


When engaged during the preconstruction phase, ICI begins quality control at the start of the design process. We actively participate in the selection of the various materials being considered for a project. The breadth of our experience and our long-term relationships with clients affords ICI the unique opportunity to witness durability and product conditions years after installation.

Quality control during preconstruction continues with writing comprehensive scopes of work for subcontractors during bidding. The goal is to use our experience to help foresee a pitfall and include the solution in the bid process. The second major step is the accurate writing of trade contractor scopes. ICI takes the necessary time to review construction sequences and renovation steps to guide the subcontractors in bidding. Our bid schedule will note critical material submittals that will require more coordination to achieve the quality standard. The process of identifying critical materials for review and processing aids in the resolution of field concerns and sequencing prior to execution.


In the field, the ICI superintendent uses a report to track daily production quality. The form requires our Superintendent to inspect the work and verify the delivery of materials. Most daily report forms will detail trade worker count, activity, weather and area conditions. The form requires the Superintendent to comment on the status of the work in place and note that the correct materials were used. The Project Manager will inspect the project and review the daily reports on a weekly basis to assist the Superintendent in the resolution of quality issues.

A last step is the joint review of the project with the architect. The ICI superintendent will conduct a weekly inspection with the architect and/or the client to address any concerns.


ICI provides clients a close-out manual at the conclusion of a project. The manual contains equipment instruction and warranty information in a thorough PDF-indexed format so that the information is always readily searchable and available to our clients. We also frequently provide tutorials on systems in video format so that as personnel change throughout the years, it is a more seamless process for new personnel to educate themselves on the building’s systems.

We strive for long-term partnerships with our clients. This is only achievable through an upstanding approach to quality.