The ICI team embraces technological advancements to bring measurable results to our clients.

For more than two decades technology has been a core value at ICI because it leads to efficient project delivery for our clients.

Smart phones, tablets and cloud-based applications have redefined the way construction professionals perform their job on a construction site. Our team embraces these technological advancements to bring measurable results to our clients.


  • Virtual Design & Construction

    ICI utilizes virtual design and construction technology on a multitude of project types and within a variety of markets. The various virtual design and construction software allows our team to build a model or use an existing one to closely examine multiple construction scenarios in relation to cost, constructability and speed without a re-design of the building.
    During preconstruction, ICI’s expertise with BIM has produced quantifiable benefits such as:

    • better estimates in a shorter timeframe
    • reduction in design clashes among disciplines
    • increased coordination among trade contractors
    • more accurate quantities when doing material take-off during budget exercises
    • enhancement of working relationships among design professionals

  • Bid Management

    ICI utilizes a bid management tool that is accessed directly through our website to provide a secure, online resource for posting and managing bid solicitations and project information. This cloud-based application facilitates the exchange of large amounts of information during preconstruction, allowing us to easily communicate with subcontractors, securely distribute project documents, post and send project communications, and efficiently qualify subcontractors and suppliers.

    Construction Technology

  • Project Management

    ICI’s IT strategy embraces web-based technology to maximize collaboration and efficiency and incorporate instant communication into our project management. Our “all-in-one” platform, Procore, provides a cloud-based, mobile-device accessible solution to standardize workflows and document management.

    Procore provides a centralized place for collaboration and communication and utilizes features like automatic email notifications to increase efficiency. The available accessibility from any internet-connected device allows for real time, up-to-date project information delivery to all our project team members at any time. Distributing project documents, submittals and RFIs electronically and directly within the software allows the entire project team to make quick and accurate decisions by having instant access to vital information.

    Unlimited user accessibility allows every project team member, from the owner and design team to subcontractors and vendors, to be as informed about the construction progress and have access to photos, project information and team member communication.

  • Scheduling

    ICI utilizes scheduling software with the Critical Path Method (CPM) to optimize efficiency in our projects. Microsoft Project, integrated directly with our project management software, Procore, ensures that all critical items are identified at the beginning of the project, and updated throughout, letting the team identify and manage high-risk activities, visualize dependencies between activities, allow for ample time to get long lead items ordered and ensure the project progresses without delay.

  • Webcams

    ICI installs live webcams at the start of many of our construction projects. If desired by the client, the camera footage of the construction site is made public via a live stream on ICI’s website. This technology provides our clients and stakeholders with the ability to see the daily events occurring on the job site, brings a higher level of security and safety to the job site and allows remote access to construction progress. At the end of the project, ICI delivers a time-lapse video of the construction to our clients.