Diversity and Inclusion


International Contractors, Inc. (ICI) is unwavering in our commitment to nurturing, cultivating, and maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusion. Our journey toward diversity and inclusion is an ongoing one, and we are dedicated to continuous improvement. Together, we will create a workplace where every individual thrives and contributes their unique strengths to our shared success.

Celebrating Uniqueness

We recognize that our people and our culture are our most valuable assets for success. We wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate the diversity that makes each of our team members unique. The individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, capabilities, and talent that our employees invest in their work are an important part of our culture, our reputation, and the achievements of our team.

Our Shared Responsibility

Every member of the ICI Family shares the responsibility of treating one another with dignity and respect. This responsibility extends beyond the confines of the workplace, encompassing work-related functions on or off-site, as well as all company-sponsored events.

Continuous Learning and Growth

To ensure that our commitment to an inclusive workplace is consistently upheld, we require all employees to attend and complete annual diversity awareness and anti-harassment training. This ongoing education enhances their knowledge and understanding of diversity issues.

Our Comprehensive Diversity Initiatives

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident throughout our organization, and it includes, but it not limited to:

Accountability and Consequences

We are firm in our commitment to maintaining an environment free from discrimination. Any employee found to have engaged in inappropriate conduct or behavior that contradicts our diversity policy may be subject to disciplinary action, following our established procedures.

Reporting Discrimination

Employees who believe they have experienced any form of discrimination that is inconsistent with our company’s diversity policy are encouraged to promptly seek assistance from their supervisor or HR representative. We take all such concerns seriously and handle them with the utmost care and confidentiality.