Addison SD 4 Ardmore Elementary School Expansions & Renovations


Addison School District 4


Legat Architects


Construction Management

In the fall of 2017, the Addison School District 4 Board of Education initiated a long-term goal setting process. They identified the goal of bringing learning spaces to modern standards in order to improve the learning environment for students and staff. Improvements to Ardmore Elementary School are among the initiatives the District is undertaking to achieve their goal.

Ardmore houses two elements: one half is elementary school and the other half is the Early Learning Center offering kindergarten and preschool programs. ICI was retained as construction manager to complete two single-story additions totaling 7,400 square feet and 2,500 square feet of interior remodeling to the existing building.
The ELC addition contains four classrooms, four student restrooms, two integrated therapy rooms and a staff breakroom with its on own restrooms and laundry room. This addition will be heated through radiant floor slab heating.

The elementary school addition includes two offices, a conference room and a nurse’s office. Construction began March 1st 2020 and will complete August 2020.

A significant construction challenge has been building two additions at separate ends of the facility simultaneously while school was in session. Close coordination of site logistics has been critical. The ICI team had to work around six student drop off / pick-up lanes, coordinate temporary entrances, reconfigure parking lot patterns and bus lanes.