Cicero School District 99 Life Safety Improvements 2000 – 2015


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ICI has been providing construction services for Cicero School District 99 since 1995. This long and successful relationship began as the result of a public bid opportunity for an Addition to Liberty Elementary School and continues to flourish today due to ICI’s consistent success.

In 2000, ICI was awarded our first season of Life Safety Work as the District’s Construction Manager. Since that time we have participated in every phase of work for Life Safety and new construction projects.

During preconstruction, our services to the District include detailed estimate generation, value engineering and constructability reviews. We regularly report to the Board on budget and schedule issues so that they can make informed decisions.

The following information highlights many of the Life Safety projects this team has completed together.

2000: Cicero East and McKinley School life safety work included the replacement of windows, heating systems, air conditioning units, sewer lines, lighting, millwork, ceilings, and parking lots. Upgrades were made to electrical systems and utilities, the interiors and exteriors were painted, hazardous materials were abated, and various offices and corridors were remodeled.

2001: ICI renovated three schools concurrently as well as the Administration Center. The scope of work at Columbus, Drexel and Sherlock was similar to the work completed in 2000, with the exception of Sound Abatement work performed at Drexel School and funded by the FAA. We worked closely with the architect to account for the use of these funds, as well as the other state and federal funding sources.

2002: ICI renovated five schools concurrently. Goodwin School – door replacements, new booster pumps, new urinals and auto flush valves and structural repairs to tectum deck in gym.
Lincoln School – window replacement and removal of some roof vents. Roosevelt School – new condensate pump, exhaust fans, new urinals, auto flush valves and new booster pumps.
Sherlock School – replaced domestic water-piping and installed a new sanitary ejector with backflow preventor.
Warren Park School – replaced existing exterior doors, bleachers, new drinking fountains and new intercom system.

2004: Administration Center Renovation Major renovations and a 3-story addition to house an elevator and steel stairs were completed on Cicero’s Administration Center. The building’s stone foundation was reinforced, new steel columns and beams were installed and foundation footings were added to correct floor deflection. Tuckpointing took place where feasible and, in some instances, entire areas were replaced with new brick on the exterior. Three-quarters of the roof was removed and replaced and new Entrance Columns were installed. The mechanical system, sewer piping and electrical distribution service were replaced. An “addressable” fire alarm system was installed. Asbestos and lead abatement were performed and a hazardous underground fuel tank was removed.

2005: McKinley School – asbestos abatement, lintel replacement, soffit construction, data line relocation and ceiling replacement were completed in addition to a new mechanical system and boiler. Construction was completed in less than 10 weeks.

2006: Woodbine School – asbestos abatement, window replacement, electrical and fire alarm upgrades and a roof replacement. Originally, the project was based on a 13-week schedule. However, ICI was able to complete the entire $1.2 Million project in just 9 weeks.

2007: Goodwin & Drexel Schools – ICI completed 100,000 SF of parking lot rehabilitation at 2 schools simultaneously within an 8 week schedule. Upon removal of existing pavement, ICI found several collapsed storm sewers and unsuitable soils, all which needed to be replaced. Despite these unforeseen conditions, ICI was able to complete the project on- schedule.

2008: Roosevelt School – ICI completed 71,580 SF of Life Safety Renovations, MEP Upgrades and Site Work within a tight, 11 month summer schedule.

2009: Life Safety Work at Six Schools with a varying scope, from paving to painting. ICI committed 2 full time superintendents to rotate between the multiple locations and ensure a timely completion. Because ICI worked diligently to keep the project costs under the established budget, the District was able to add additional scope to repair additional items.

2010: – Life Safety Work at Nine Schools ICI completed work in 12 weeks during the 2010 summer break. The scope included demolition, carpentry, new drywall partitions and acoustic ceilings, upgrading floor covering, painting and
MEP upgrades. Electrical upgrades include fire alarm, intercom and clock and emergency lighting spread among 12 schools.

2012: Life Safety at 14 Fourteen Schools Within 11 weeks of summer, ICI performed the following scope: drain tile repairs a multiple buildings, lower level classroom renovations (including Asbestos Abatement) and Cicero East School, masonry repair work at multiple buildings and a new roof at Cicero West School. Minor mechanical and electrical upgrades were also required at several schools, kitchen improvements were performed at Drexel and Columbus East Schools, flooring improvements were completed at several schools as well as asphalt pavement repairs.

2013: Summer construction work at Cicero School District 99 began on June 7, 2013 and was completed on August 16, 2013. The $6.8 million in projects were completed among 11 schools. Scopes included masonry repairs and multiple buildings, electrical infrastructure upgrades for enhanced technology, roof replacement at two schools, lower level classroom build-outs, drain tile repairs, new emergency generators as two schools and parking lot replacement.

2014: In 2014, ICI performed $6.6 Million in life safety upgrades at multiple schools throughout the District. The project was delivered within 10 weeks of summer and students returned to their newly completed facilities on schedule.

2015: ICI renovated, updated and repaired site conditions, upgraded security and IT infrastructure, mechanical/electrical/plumbing upgrades to 15 facilities. Two of the facilities saw major upgrades to the entries providing secure and controlled access, new support areas, parent meeting areas and new ill child care rooms. Site and building envelop improvements included: asphalt repairs and replacement, masonry repairs and tuck-pointing, window replacement, asbestos window caulk removal and roof repairs. Several buildings also received upgrades to existing kitchen and food prep areas. The overall scope of work was wide ranged and diverse to correct many building deficiencies.

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