Block 37 Base Building Renovations and Management Offices

In addition to tenant build-out projects, ICI was also contracted by the developer for multiple base-building projects within Block 37. ICI constructed the mall’s management offices, installed utility services for the development’s parking facilities, completed wall insulation in tenant spaces throughout the building and installation of access panels and 14 aluminum framed glass advertisement panels.

Additionally, work on the 8,200 square foot build-out for the management offices included tenant spaces, break rooms, and operations spaces in six remote areas on four different floors.

The work also included new framing and drywall, mechanical and electrical services, distribution and finishes.

Finishes within the spaces include plastic laminate cabinetry, paint, vinyl floor tile, carpet, porcelain tile and accent stone from India. The Building Management System temperature controls tie into a complex, base building, Alerton system that controls the entire building remotely.