Benedictine University Parking Garage South


Benedictine University


DLR Group llC


Construction Manager

ICI began construction on a 3.5 story parking garage capable of housing 427 vehicles for Benedictine University in July 2010.
During preconstruction, ICI provided an initial conceptual estimate, which was followed up by four separate detailed estimates during design development. Following the subcontractor bidding stage, the project budget was $250,000 below the 100% design development estimate.

The 144,000 SF parking structure was constructed of precast concrete enhanced with thin brick, acid-etched and sand- blasted elements on the exterior. The first floor of the facility houses the Campus Police and Campus Services Departments. Convenient access to the upper levels of the garage is provided through multiple stairwells and elevators.

In order to provide a more sustainable environment, multiple rain gardens have been incorporated throughout the site. The gardens contain native plants and deep, loose soil, allowing for absorption of stormwater run-off from impervious surfaces, thereby providing a natural solution to help protect the local waterways from pollution.

Other Sustainable Elements incorporated into the design include dedicated parking spaces for Hybrid Vehicles and infrastructure for power to Electric Vehicles.

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